Referral Process

Referral of a young person / family

Who can refer?

Referrals can be made by any professional working with the child, young person or family.

We can accept self-referrals from families. When families wish to refer themselves, it is helpful for us to talk to the young persons's General Practitioner so that they are aware of the referral.

How can children / young people be referred?

Referrals should be made in writing to: 

Dr. Sillifant and Associates Ltd
Low Farm
New Road
Great Yarmouth
NR31 9HT

If there is uncertainty about whether it is appropriate to refer a young person we are happy to have a telephone discussion before a formal referral is made.

Please contact us.

What happens once a young person or family have been referred?

We review the details of the referral.

If the General Practitioner is not involved in the referral we share information with them following consultation with the family / referrer.

We confirm Medical Health Insurance funding if appropriate.

We write to the family offering an appointment with details of who should attend, the venue, the clinicians involved and the fees to be charged.

Request for Teaching, Training or Consultation

Teaching, training and consultation is arranged and delivered in 5 easy steps.

  1. Contact us with your request or to discuss ideas
  2. Together, we agree the teaching, training or consultation to be provided
  3. We send written confirmation with terms of agreement
  4. The agreed provision is delivered
  5. We issue your invoice for payment