Lucy Child, Specialist Mental Health Dietician

Lucy Child for Sillifant Assocs

I’m a specialist mental health dietitian with over 25 years of working in the NHS and over a year of being totally freelance. I started my professional career as a general community dietitian and it was while providing cover to a psychiatric institution in the 1980s that my enthusiasm for mental health work developed.

Since then I have worked for over 20 years within a NHS CAMHS team with children and families helping with problems such as faddy eating, constipation and soiling, obesity and eating disorders.

Since 1996 I have also worked for a specialist, private in-patient unit for the treatment of eating disorders, for a medium secure, ladies only, psychiatric hospital, more recently for Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust in their adolescent mental health unit and for another private company in one of their private hospitals for men with learning difficulties detained under Section III of the Mental Health Act.

With good nutrition children have a chance to thrive; to concentrate, have as good as memory as possible, have friends, to be creative, to fight infection, to grow strong bones, to be active, live long, to realize their dreams. I’ve always derived great satisfaction from assisting people towards sound nutritional health and a good relationship with food.

Outside of work I support my grown son who has autism and learning difficulties. I’m a keen gardener and foodie with a wide circle of friends. I am also a trustee for Musical Keys, a Norfolk charity that provides music and movement activities for individuals of all ages with additional and complex needs. 

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