Lucy Child - Curriculum Vitae

Job Title             Specialist Mental Health Dietician 

Qualifications    B.Sc (Hons) Nutrition and Registration in Dietetics 1980 - University of Surrey

Professional      Member of British Dietetic Association

Employment     2014-present    Freelance Specialist Dietitian at four hospitals.

                          2012 - 2014       Specialist Dietitcian, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics,
                                                    Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Foundation Trust.

                          1990 - 2012       Specialist Mental Health Dietician,
                                                    Norfolk And Waveney Mental Healthcare.


Whilst working in the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics for the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Foundation Trust, my duties included weekly specialist bariatric (obesity) clinic including post-bariatric 
surgical patients, general community clinics, diabetic clinics and post-MI clinics. I also pioneered the use of neurolinguistic programming techniques in clinic when working as a dietitian for the specialist bariatric team set up by the Endocrinology Department.

Supervision/ Consultation
I have provided psycho-educational teaching sessions for patients and staff. For example, at the Newmarket House Healthcare I provided staff support and education on safe re-feeding of anorexic patients.

I am responsible for the production and management of the diet and nutrition information pages in the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust’s in-house Intranet. This included topics on general nutrition and dietetics, under-nutrition, food & mood and eating disorders. 

Continuing Professional Development/ Training
I provided training sessions for staff - for example Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool and Nutrition and Mental health - as part of a physical health rolling programme.

Voluntary Work
I am a Trustee of the charity Musical Keys ( and a professional adviser for the Norfolk Eating Disorders Association.