Video Interaction Guidance

Video Interaction Guidance is an intervention that improves relationships through the use of video feedback. It builds on the the following principles:

  • positive relationships are based on good communication 
  • focussing on what works well can help people's understanding of each other and build stronger relationships.

During the first appointment we discuss areas of concern and, together, establish some aims for the future. The next appointment is most commonly at home where we record a short video clip of an interaction which may, for example, be part of an everyday activity or a time of playing together. Before the next appointment we will edit the film selecting the most positive moments of communication and connection. We then meet with you and promote such interaction through observation and discussion. This is often followed by at least one further film, exploring ways of relating to each other. 

Although VIG  is most commonly used between children and adults but it can be used with adults, in school situations and to help professional groups or teams. Individuals are given a chance to reflect on their interactions, focusing on the successful moments to support clients to make changes.

Video feedback techniques have for many years been shown to be effective in enhancing maternal sensitivity to their infants. Such sensitivity underpins successful child development. There is growing evidence to support the technique in improving family interactions, hyperactivity and challenging behaviour in the context of relationship difficulties.